About Us

The musicians and the caller in the A2 Barn Dance Band can safely say that we are among the most experienced in the county. Certainly we’ve had plenty of time to hone our skills and seek out the best and most danceable tunes and  the most exciting dances.

We keep our repertoire fresh and exciting so that if you’ve met us before you might recognise our faces but most of the tunes and dances will be new. Our tune list includes music from all over the United Kingdom but we mainly play English dance tunes. However if you’re after a Scottish flavour for your wedding or you fancy a Burns Night this year we have plenty of tunes from Scotland and more than enough Irish tunes for you to dance away an evening.

Our caller has an extensive range of dances for all levels of experience so don’t worry if you’ve never been to a barn dance before. He’ll quickly work out what’s needed and will tailor a programme of dances for you and your guests. We play for lots of family parties and social events where the age range can span infancy to old age. Wherever you are on that continuum we have dances for you and we also have a range of dances suitable for people with restricted mobility.

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